Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Bespoke Solid Conservatory Roofs from Arrow Roofs
Are you fed up not being able to use your conservatory all year round?
Is it FREEZING COLD in winter and BOILING HOT in summer?
Can’t see the TV because it’s too bright or hear it when it rains?
...or has the roof simply passed its sell-buy date, panels slipped, leaking? You get the picture!

With Arrow Roofs
A beautiful new timber framed highly insulated tiled roof and plastered ceiling
using the latest lightweight materials that...
✅ Is dramatically warmer in winter
✅ Is significantly cooler in summer
✅ Is quick to install with little disruption
✅ Is effective in reducing rain noise and glare
✅Does not lose too much light
✅ Carries an insurance backed guarantee

With over 20 years combined experience in the construction industry we know a thing or two about temperature differences and how to solve the problems many people experience with their conservatories being either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.
We pride ourselves on carrying out projects to the highest standard with all work fully insured and undertaken by experienced trades covering South East Kent area.
Arrow Carpentry replacement conservatory roofs

A standard polycarbonate or glass roof system found in almost all UK conservatories has virtually no insulating properties, even if roof blinds are installed. This means most of the sun’s heat is conducted in the summer, making the room unpleasantly hot for everyday use. Conversely, in the winter months, it can be impossible to keep most conservatories warm, because the same lack of insulation allows most of the heat to quickly escape.

Arrow Roofs have the thermally efficient solution, with our full replacement tiled roofs producing an outstanding low “U Value" that delivers astonishing results.
Arrow Carpentry replacement conservatory roofs

Why fit an Arrow Replacement Conservatory Roof??? are some of the benefits…
Creates another room in your house that is usable 365 days a year! – Whatever you choose to use the room for, you gain space in your house that is useable 365 days a year (the same as any other reception room). A room that is not too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter or too noisy when it rains! An insulated room you can economically heat during the winter, keep cool in the summer and use every day whatever the weather.
Energy saving by reducing heating and cooling bills – the low u-value achieved by Arrow Roofs speaks for itself as far as energy saving by insulation (from cold and heat) is concerned, with a typical polycarbonate roof providing 8x less insulation and a glass roof 6x less insulation.

Creates a room you can comfortably read, use a PC and watch TV in – the solid Arrow Roofs considerably reduces any glare and brightness caused by translucent roofs making the room usable for all activities.
Adds value to your property! – Traditional conservatories are not always seen as adding real value to a property because they are not a useable room all year round, whereas creating extra living space usable 365 days a year is definitely seen as adding value to a property.

Fitting an Arrow Roof is a fraction of the cost of building an extension – the only other way to gain a ‘reception room’ you can use 365 days a year is to replace your conservatory with an extension. An expensive alternative.
Reduces maintenance time and cost! – Traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs have a limited life expectancy something like 10 years or less for polycarbonate and even the most expensive glass roofs can suffer rubber gasket deterioration within a similar time frame. They also require regular cleaning inside and out to keep them looking good. An Arrow roof requires little or no maintenance at all, looks good all the time and comes with an insurance backed guaranteed for…… total peace of mind.

Less damage to furniture, flooring, furnishings and electrical goods! – An Arrow Roof protects the contents of the room from direct sunlight (UV rays) causing bleaching/fading and also insulates the room so that a suitable temperature can be maintained all year round to prevent damage to contents caused by excessive heat, cold and dampness.

More privacy – a solid roof offers a lot more privacy as neighbours can no longer look down into the room from high adjacent windows.

Less noise – a solid insulated roof considerably reduces the noise level inside the room from rain, wind, planes and neighbours and outside from TV, music, conversation, children playing being heard by neighbours.
Still have the benefits of a conservatory! – All this and you still have the benefits of a conservatory apart from that ‘living under glass’ feeling. However, any loss of light or the feeling of being under glass can easily be replaced by the addition of one or more roof windows.

No need for expensive roof blinds – with Arrow Roof protecting the room from sunlight and glare/brightness there is no need for expensive roof blinds!